Our coffee programme

Trade Aid is New Zealand’s major supplier of fair trade green coffee beans, and offers a wide and varied range of high quality coffees to commercial coffee roasters of any size.

Our focus is on meeting the needs of both roasters and small-scale coffee producers around the world. Committed to fair trade principles we are a highly effective and credible supplier of fair trade coffees, and can provide you with a consistent supply of coffee, and all the information you need to show your own clients why our approach to making trade sustainable for small producers is so effective.

Explore our coffee origins and flavour notes:
Trade Aid sources a wide and varied range of fair trade green coffee beans from small- scale coffee producers in nine different countries. With a variety of origins and flavour notes we have the coffee to suit your needs. You can read more about our full range of green coffees – their origins and special characteristics here.

Image: Aurora and Alejandra Izquierdo from the ANEI coffee co-operative with Justin Purser, Trade Aid’s Food Manager.

Next Generation Coffee Fund:

  • Help make bigger harvests, better coffee and brighter futures. Show your support for fair trade and coffee farmers through Trade Aid’s Next Generation Coffee Fund.

Sustainability in action:

Meet one of our talented growers

‘I’d love to be young again, to have more energy and to be receiving the benefits I’m earning now. Nobody offered me any training in the past. With all the training I’ve received through the co-operative, I could have been a different man!’

Ahimed lives in the Harar region of eastern Ethiopia, and is very typical of the small-scale farmers that Trade Aid supports.

Selling his coffee to Trade Aid through the Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union has brought Ahimed two key benefits; better prices, and training in improved production methods.

Now, at age 60, Ahimed is receiving prices nearing 100 birr per kilogram for high-quality Harrar coffee, which is acknowledged as some of the world’s best.

For the first time in his life, he has finally started earning enough money for his coffee that he can begin to save.

He plans to use these savings to support his children through higher education.

Image: Ahimed Mumad Hassan, Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, Ethiopia.

For more information on Trade Aid’s fair trade coffee programme, or for access to our extensive coffee information library, please contact Justin, our Food Product Manager.  Keeping you up to date: Our coffee-focused blogs are written for the New Zealand coffee industry and others with a keen interest in learning more about our work and about the global coffee trade.

To sign up to Pick of the Crop please email: marketing@tradeaid.org.nz with “Pick of the Crop” in the subject line. You will need to include your email address and full name to sign up.