The perfect gift

Introducing Cocoa Dusted, Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts; a sweet and nutty combo that’s both buttery and rich. We are thrilled to release this new product innovation, made right here in New Zealand using premium, locally grown hazelnuts.


Like all good things, our organic chocolate coated hazelnuts are made by hand. First the fresh, individual hazelnuts are cracked, shelled and then gently roasted to enhance their sweet, buttery flavour. Then they are carefully coated in 55% dark organic chocolate, and lightly dusted in rich cocoa.


And like all Trade Aid chocolate, they’re made at our Christchurch-based chocolate factory Sweet Justice, using only the finest organic, fair trade ingredients. The hazelnuts we use are locally grown and roasted in the South Island of New Zealand.


There’s a buttery creaminess to hazelnuts that people can’t resist, and paired with rich dark chocolate they make an irresistible gift to give at any occasion.


The packaging is entirely compostable, including the inner bag, and the box is re-closable, so share this sweet treat with friends… or keep as a wholesome snack for yourself 😉


New Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts are available at any Trade Aid Store or on our website.