Trade Aid Studio is a platform that showcases works of talented artists and designers amongst our producer groups.

We usually tell the story about the producer but with Trade Aid Studio, our aim is to highlight the creative and give recognition to their specific talents.

Our first release is a series of limited edition prints and greeting cards created by Nirmalya Roy, an artisan of the SILENCE cooperative.


First release: Nirmalya Roy


Nirmalya Roy in his Kolkata Studio.


For over 40 years Trade Aid has celebrated artisans and producers from all over the world. Today, our long term trading relationships extend to 59 different partner organisations across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific, representing thousands of fair trade artisans, producers and farmers, who are all part of our international fair trade family.


One such partner comprises a small group of extraordinary artists based in Kolkata, India. For the first time we are thrilled to release a range of original wall art created by these skilled visual artists.


From a small studio space in Kolkata, artist Nirmalya Roy has created two beautiful paintings, titled First Feelings, and Awakening. Each is painted onto handmade paper and limited to just 60 individually numbered original works/prints.


These artworks not only represent Nirmalya Roy’s extraordinary gift as a painter, but also the joy of what he describes as his “wholesome acceptance” into the fair trade artisan cooperative SILENCE. His designs are characterised by intricate detail, and in all of them there is a connection with people and planet; a quality that is at the heart of what it means to be a fair trade artisan.


Nirmalya is a graduate of the Silence Training Institute which is part of the SILENCE cooperative. This cooperative provides training to disabled artisans in trades such as Fine Arts, Commercial Art, Leather Crafts, Computer Design and Silk Screen Printing.


These limited edition works are available for a strictly limited time, only from Trade Aid.