Saharanpur garden table

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This intricately carved round topped table with brass inlay is handmade from Sheesham wood. These woodworkers use a chisel and hammer to gauge out this intricate pattern seen on this table and then hammer in the brass inlay. This table is easily constructed and folded away. Its sides and top form two pieces which are simply slotted together. Handmade by artisans of Aspiration International, one of our fair trade partners in India. Aspiration works with co-operatives and extended family groups formed around a master craftsman who passes his skills on to a new generation of artisans.

Aspiration International

Aspiration provides artisans in northern India with business support and mentoring so they can develop self-reliance. Master artisans are encouraged to open their own workshops and use their traditional skills to provide much needed employment to young aspiring artisans.

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