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These small wooden hand-carved stamps are similar to those traditionally used for block printing on textiles in India. These stamps can be used for making wrapping paper, cards or printing on fabric. Use a paint roller to apply paint or fabric dye to the stamp and then gently press down on paper or fabric. These stamps are made by Tara Projects, which is actively engaged in providing support services in the production and marketing of handicrafts using Fair Trade principles. Tara Projects remains active in fighting exploitation, poverty, illiteracy and slavery of artisans who are constantly subject to social injustices. ‘Make Trade Fair’ has always been their principal goal.

Tara Projects

Tara Projects addresses issues of poverty and powerlessness for grassroots artisans. They provide 1000 artisans with fair trade production and marketing support; and through the provision of schools over 1,000 children and ex-child labourers are now receiving an education.

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