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Trade Aid’s organic whole nutmegs are sold in the shell to retain maximum freshness and sweet, warming flavor.  A seasoned traveller on the global spice routes, nutmeg is a star player in Asian, African, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. This premium spice is produced by small-scale farmers who sell their products through Sri Lanka’s PODIE (People’s Organisation for Development Import and Export). The fair return they receive supports the social and economic development of their families and communities.

  • Vegan
  • Certified


Fair trade organic nutmeg


Allergen & dietary information:

May contain traces of sesame seeds.


Botanical Name:

Myristica fragrans


PODIE (People’s Organisation for Development Import and Export) works to raise the living standard of small-scale farmer communities within Sri Lanka, working with about 1500 people. Most of these people belong to farming groups who produce a wide range of spices, but PODIE also provides employment opportunities through the processing of spices and by producing materials for packaging.

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