Tree of life numdha rug
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Tree of life numdha rug

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This large colourful numdha felt rug is handmade from sheep wool from Rajasthan and combined with finer wool from Kashmir, then embellished with a tree of life design using traditional wool crewel embroidery. Numdha rugs are made through a process of rubbing layers of wool with water and soap. This bonding of wool fibres is called felting and is a process which is hundreds of years old. It takes one full day to complete this felting process. These rugs are produced by artisans of Zanana Dastkari Production Markaz (ZDPM), one of our fair trade partners in India.

This product is best suited for wooden or similar floors. Not recommended for use on carpet. Colour may rub. Keep out of direct sunlight as may cause fading.

Zanana Dastkari Production Markaz (ZDPM)

Traditional crewel embroidery skills are unique to the women of Kashmir, and the artisans of Zanana Dastkari Production Markaz (ZDPM) work together and adapt these skills to develop new products for the New Zealand market. The development of a successful handicraft enterprise preserves their cultural skills across generations and raises the economic status and independence of women.

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