Green triangle thai pillow seat
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Green triangle thai pillow seat

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This supportive floor cushion offers lower back support as well as doubling as attractive décor. In Thailand pillows and cushions are essential household items. Most common is the ‘mon khwan’, meaning the ‘axe pillow’, which refers to this cushion’s triangular shape. To make sure the cushion remains in form, small triangles each support and brace the others. Handmade by skilled artisans working with Thai Tribal Crafts, one of our fair trade partners in Thailand.

Thai Tribal Crafts

Tribal minority artisans in Thailand preserve their traditional crafts, customs and languages through the opportunities they access through Thai Tribal Crafts. Traditional craft skills are utilised in the development of beautifully intricate handicrafts, providing supplementary income to support the aspirations that artisans hold for their families, communities and the next generation.

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