Square water hyacinth basket

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This square storage basket is handwoven from water hyacinth and has sturdy handles. Water hyacinth is a common waterweed that clogs waterways in various regions of Indonesia. Collecting water hyacinth to make baskets is an eco-friendly way to clear this weed and keep it under control. Handmade by skilful weavers working with Pekerti Nusantara, one of our fair trade partners.

Pekerti Nusantara


Through building successful family businesses, and collaborating with Pekerti to access fair trade markets, the rurally-based artisans of Pekerti have been able to remain in their communities rather than migrating to the cities. Small numbers of both male and female artisans make up the family-based artisan groups, sharing skills and collaborating to bring positive benefits for people and planet.

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