Eyes of the buddha singing bowl
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Eyes of the buddha singing bowl

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This beautiful singing bowl is etched on the inside with the Eyes of the Buddha, and has other intricate designs etched on the exterior. Singing bowls are traditionally used throughout Asia as part of Buddhist meditation practice. They are a type of bell, but rather than hanging, they sit with the bottom surface resting. Their sides and rims vibrate to produce a wonderful sound when tapped or rubbed gently with a wooden object. Handmade by skilled artisans working with Mahaguthi Craft with a Conscience, one of our fair trade partners in Nepal.

This is a handmade instrument. Tones may vary.

Mahaguthi – Craft with a Conscience

Skilled Nepalese artisans work together at Mahaguthi in a large environmentally friendly production centre where textiles and paper products are designed and hand produced. Mahaguthi also supports entrepreneurial artisan workshops across Kathmandu to strengthen their businesses financially and socially.

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