Miniature panpipes
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Miniature panpipes

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These cane panpipes are tuned to one note and bound with brightly dyed wool bands. These panpipes are played widely amongst the Andes and are known by several names: siku, zampoña, zampolla, with a name for this smallest one: chuli. The longest pipe is held on the right. They are tuned diatonically to the European scale (do re mi fa so la ti do). Handmade using traditional methods, by skilled artisans working with Manos Amigas, our fair trade partner in Peru.

This product is not a toy.

This is a handmade instrument. Tones may vary.

Manos Amigas

Manos Amigas partners with talented artisans from all over Peru to find new markets for their products, and to support training and new product design. Artisans use their intergenerational skills to create enterprises that preserve traditional craft skills and support their educational aspirations for the next generation.

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