Mithila elephant mirror
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Mithila elephant mirror

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This cute elephant mirror is handmade from layers of cardboard, clay and paper, then beautifully painted. Mithila artwork produced by women in Nepal can be traced back as far as the 7th century and has been passed from generation to generation. Initially, the women drew the paintings on the walls of their home, with fingers, twigs, and brushes, as an illustration of their thoughts, hopes, and dreams. With the change in time and tradition, the paintings started becoming a part of festivities and special events, like marriage. Handcrafted by skilled artists working with Mahaguthi Craft with a conscience, one of our fair trade partners in Nepal.

Mahaguthi – Craft with a Conscience

Skilled Nepalese artisans work together at Mahaguthi in a large environmentally friendly production centre where textiles and paper products are designed and hand produced. Mahaguthi also supports entrepreneurial artisan workshops across Kathmandu to strengthen their businesses financially and socially.

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