Crochet fringed shoulder bag
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Crochet fringed shoulder bag

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This beautiful shoulder bag is hand crochet from 100% cotton thread and finished with a knotted fringe. This is a fine example of the detailed and exquisite lace making skills of the women of Godavari Delta Women’s Lace Artisans Co-op Ltd.  Lace making was introduced to this very rural area, situated where the Godavari River flows into the Bay of Bengal, in the 1880s by Scottish missionaries. These lace making skills have been passed down through the women of this area from generation to generation ever since.

Godavari Delta Womens Lace Artisans Co-operative

These high quality products are made by skilled crochet artisans belonging to the Godavari Delta Women’s Co-operative in India. Using their traditional skills, the artisans create a sustainable income that supports education for their children and achieves their aspirations for the next generation.

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