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Copper water bottle

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This beautiful water bottle is handmade from recycled copper, and has a lovely hammered finish, it holds 950ml. Made by skilled artisans working with Aspiration International, one of our fair trade partners in India. All Aspiration copper products are made from recycled copper, and are guaranteed to have no traces of any heavy metals. Copper is reputed to have therapeutic properties.

Not microwave, dishwasher or oven safe.           
Copper care instructions: To clean, hand wash with mild detergent, rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Copperware should never be left to air dry. As copper is a metal that tarnishes easily, it is normal for it to develop a dull and dark bluish green coating (patina) as a protection from corroding. Periodical polishing with a metal polish like Brasso will help maintain its shine. For a natural alternative, polishing with lemon juice will also remove tarnish and retain shine.

Aspiration International

Master artisans are created through Aspiration International. Business support and mentoring encourages artisans to open their own workshops, and to pass their intergenerational skills along to the next generation by employing young artisans utilising traditional handicraft skills.

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