Beaded bicycle earrings
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Beaded bicycle earrings

Product code: 11.08.02

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These cute earrings are made from recycled wire and have a vibrant beaded wheels. Products made by Hyacinth Crafts are made from recycled materials – wire retrieved from written off vehicles, old telephone lines, tin sheets misprinted at local breweries, metal mesh from car oil filters as well as paper, plastics, glass, rubber, bones and organic matter.

Please note this is for one set of earrings and as they are assorted it will be luck of the draw which colour way you receive.

Hyacinth Crafts

Hyacinth Crafts achieves environmental protection through harvesting invasive water hyacinth, a plant which creates economic havoc in Lake Victoria. The hyacinth is made into rope and paper and then skilfully crafted into fun products by creative producers working collectively.

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