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This decorative elephant is embellished with Indonesian batik hand-work. The artisan prepares the surface, then sketches a design. The part that will not be coloured is then covered with wax. The wood is then dyed, painted with a brush or soaked before the wax is removed by peeling or with hot water. This is repeated for each colour in the design. The product is then dried and sanded to a fine finish. Hand crafted by skilled artisans working with Pekerti Nusantara, our fair trade partner in Indonesia.

Pekerti Nusantara

Pekerti provides market opportunities and support for rural producers, helping them to remain in their villages rather than migrating to the cities. Pekerti works with over 70 producer groups involving more than 400 men and women, and has helped rehabilitate victims of severe natural disasters in the region.

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