Cream abaca ball lampshade

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The process of making this abaca string lampshade has many steps and it takes a skilled artisan to create the desired effect.
First the artisan will blow up a beach ball to be used as mould. They then wrap the abaca string around the beach ball in a ‘crazy weave’ pattern, leaving a large hole at the bottom of the ball and a small hole at the top for the lightbulb. When one bundle runs out a new one is tied on, and the knot is hidden amongst the ‘crazy weave’. Tidying and finishing of the holes is completed before the lampshade is dipped in stiffener (a mix of white glue and water). It is left to dry in the sun for 6-7 hours, or a kiln may be used during the rainy season. Once dry, the beach ball is deflated and the lampshade is finished.

Only use with a maximum of 60 watt light bulb.

Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP)

Community Crafts Association of the Philippines (CCAP) supports producers from the Bicol region and Quesan provinces of the Philippines who are mostly landless and dependent on income from handcrafts for survival. CCAP focuses on improving producers’ self-reliance and ability to access export markets independently through business training.

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