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Coffee of the month – Ethiopia

November 30, 2020

For our December Coffee of the Month we’re featuring a natural coffee from the Sidama Zone, in Ethiopia.

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Coffee of the Month – Congo

October 1, 2020

Limited edition coffee from the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

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Coffee of the Month – Rwanda

March 1, 2020

This March, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, we are launching a limited edition “Coffee of the Month” which celebrates a women’s cooperative…

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Change in our coffee packaging

August 29, 2017

You may have noticed a change in our coffee packaging.

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ANEI and coffee quality

June 20, 2017

ANEI is a word in the language of the Arhuaco people, which roughly translated into English means ‘good’ or ‘positive’.

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From Capuchins to cappuccinos – The transformative power of coffee

June 18, 2017

The Spanish conquest of Colombia did not work out well for the original inhabitants of the Sierra Nevada.

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Finding strength and trust in community

June 14, 2017

On a bright sunny day, Ricardo Quintana’s coffee farm in Miraflores, in northern Colombia, is a peaceful and beautiful place.

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Sidamo, Guji or Yirgacheffe? by Ewan Cameron

April 12, 2016

With more than a decade of direct experience, Trade Aid is New Zealand’s leading importer of Ethiopian coffees.

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Defining coffee qualities in Ethiopia

February 27, 2016

Ewan Cameron and Justin Purser travelled with a group of commercial coffee roasters from New Zealand to Ethiopia in February 2015.

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A burning issue – climate change and coffee

January 6, 2016

Climate change has been very much in the spotlight recently.

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Milestones on a long road

March 13, 2015

Ten days, 2000km, one pick-pocketing, four visits to co-operatives, one seven-hour vehicle repair job, and four coffee cupping sessions later.

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