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Blue Floral Print Plate.

Product Code: 28.02.3526
This blue and white plate has been hand painted with a floral design by artisans working with Craft Link in Vietnam.

To produce a ceramic such as this, the clay goes through many skilled steps. First it is shaped using either manual shaping, a rotating table or a mould. After being shaped and left out to dry, the ceramic piece goes through its first firing in the kiln at 700-800 degrees Celsius; it is then known as a "biscuit". Hand painting and glazing is undertaken by an experienced painter. When the painter completes the ceramic piece, it must be handled with care because the special paint over the powdery white glaze can be wiped away with a single touch. This powdery white glaze is used to prevent the colours from spreading and blurring into each other during the painting process. The true colours will be seen only after the piece emerges from the final firing at 1300 degrees in the kiln. Depending on the size of the ceramic, it may require up to 12 hours of firing at a constant high temperature. Cooling in the kiln can take up to another 12 hours, while making sure that the door is not opened until the temperature is low enough, otherwise it may crack.
Dimensions: D19 CM
Price: $18.99

Good to Know

  • This product is microwave and dishwasher safe.
Craft Link

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Craft Link

Craft Link is a Vietnamese not-for-profit, fair trade organisation whose mission statement is to help traditional craft producers to revive their culture and improve their livelihoods through handicra... more...
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