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 Maria Martinez Mansueta - making life easier
Maria Martinez Mansueta

Maria Martinez Mansueta - making life easier

In a joint initative, farmers from CONACADO have used some of their fair trade social premium to subsidise the cost of construction of a new water supply for the El Cercadillo community in the town of Yamasa in the central Dominican Republic. CONACADO and the local residents each committed to paying 50% of the cost for the tank's construction.

To date, CONACADO has supported the construction of more than 100 such water supplies through the Dominican Republic. Improving access to water is a high priority in this country; before the tank was built in 2006, locals had to walk half an hour in each direction to collect water from a spring. For some families, 5 trips per day were needed to collect all the water for their needs. In areas where tanks have not yet been built, this laborious water collection process is still a daily reality.

For Maria Martinez Mansueta, being able to collect water straight across the road from her home is a big deal.

'My legs are in poor shape these days, and I couldn't walk to the spring any more. I had to pay someone to collect my water for me before this tank was constructed'.
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