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Asha Joydhor - breadwinner
Asha Joydhor displaying handmade Christmas stars

Asha Joydhor - breadwinner

Asha is the breadwinner in her family - a unique situation for a woman living in the male dominated society of Bangladesh, but not unique to Bangladeshi women involved in the fair trade handcraft industry. Through the creation of handcrafts for markets around the world, Asha provides security for her father and mother-in-law who are farmers and who can only add to the family income six months of the year.

Asha is saving to be able to fund higher education for her three children, the youngest is in kindergarten and the oldest has just started secondary school. She has worked with Keya Palm, a group supported by Trade Aid partner Prokritee, for ten years and says the work they do is highly respected in the community bringing them increased social status. Asha feels safe in the knowledge that she will be able to support her family in the years to come, with her ability to provide her children education and therefore better opportunities for the future at the heart of it.

Trade Aid Education Tour participants met Asha and her daughter Nipir in 2009 and took this photo of her proudly displaying some of the Christmas stars sold at Trade Aid shops in New Zealand.
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