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The following resources are available to order in hard copy to New Zealand postal addresses only.
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You're welcome to order class sets of these resources - please consider the environment and keep these resources for other classes to use.   


  • Hand Made Change - Trade Aid: who we are and what we do.
  • Environmental justice - what is it and how do we get it?
  • Kids need fair trade - how important is fair trade to children and why?
  • World Fair Trade Organization: Ten Principles - Download and print these A4 posters of the 10 World Fair Trade Principles, featuring Trade Aid’s trading partners
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Fair trade church or business 

For display in your staff room or cafe to teach your staff or congregation about the difference purchasing Trade Aid products makes. Learn more here about becoming a fair trade church or business

Magazines and Booklets

Magazines and reports - pick up a copy from your local Trade Aid shop or read here online

Trade Aid Education Series: our publication on global justice issues

This series focuses on a single issue in each publication and presents up-to-date research from around the world with links to Trade Aid partners.

Aimed at Adults and Year 12 and 13 students, the idea of these publications is to provide an opportunity for the New Zealand public to begin thinking through some of the complexities of achieving development in our global community. They can be used as a tool for teachers to start their students discussing some of the complexities we raise, thinking through various solutions, and continuing on a longer term learning path. Our ultimate aim as a thinking organisation is to have highly engaged, critical thinking, active supporters who appreciate that a development organisation needs to be dynamic in its approach to development. We need to be open to new ways of working in order to continue providing support that best addresses the problems faced in global communities.

  • Learning Issues looks at access to education, a concern for all developing communities around the world.
  • How fair is fair? discusses the concept of fair trade internationally, certification issues and Trade Aid's approach to fair trade.
  • Slavery Today examines the reality of modern day slavery and  how fair trade organisations such as Trade Aid suport growing demands for a slave free- world.
  • Women at Work explores the lives of women working in developing countries and the empowerment they have gained through fair trade employment 
  • Partners in Trade investigates how Trade Aid works together with our trading partners in a way which is not charity, nor a top down model of development but is instead a system of partnership where Trade Aid responds to the needs and initiatives already identified by its trading partners.
  • Business Matters challenges the concepts of current day business practice and discusses other positive alternate ways of doing business.
  • Greening Trade  examines the challenges of protecting the environment through the use of sustainable materials and production methods while still meeting the demands of business profitability.
  • Trade Rules confronts the systems and regulations which govern international trade and the injustice this creates for many of the world’s most disadvantaged craft and food producers.
We hope you will enjoy reading the publications in this series and will encourage your friends and family to read these as well.

Teachers - we also encourage you to order these as excellent teaching resources for your students.  As always we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Vital - This magazine is no longer being published, however, our archived copies make fascinating reading. Read it online here

Read these publications online here

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  • The new Trade Aid DVD which provides a comprehensive overview of alternative (or fair) trade. It contains an animated sequence on global trade and interviews with trading partners, Trade Aid staff, volunteers and consumers. In 18 mins viewers will experience the benefits of the trading process, hear from the producers themselves about the difference alternative trade makes, and understand Trade Aid's role as equal partner in a world full of power imbalances.
  • Featuring footage of Trade Aid producers filmed when visiting our trading partners around the world; set to music and highlighting the low impact that fair trade producers have on our environment.