social accounts 2011-12

Our latest Social Accounts has been broken down into easily-downloadable sections for you. Click the words highlighted red, below, to download.

Trade Aid engages in a social accounting process roughly every three years because we are interested in gaining honest feedback on all our work, from our relationships with producer organisations through to our education work here in New Zealand as well as on the guiding principles we set for ourselves as a New Zealand Movement regarding issues like protecting the environment and the Treaty of Waitangi. These accounts are written by Trade Aid staff and an independent consultant and are then audited by a New Zealand social accounting panel to ensure that all information and conclusions drawn are accurate.

These aren't dry financial accounts, they include comments and stories from our trading partners, quotes from Kiwis working for Trade Aid from all around New Zealand, colour photographs, great formatting and an easy to follow structure. We hope you'll have a peek through to find the parts that interest you:


  1. Introduction (Pages 0 thru 19, 625kb)

  2. Partnership (Pages 20 thru 62, 999kb)

  3. Change (Pages 63 to 105, 891kb)

  4. Glossary & Appendices (A-to-O, 2.3 mb)

  5. Appendix P (4.1 mb)

  6. Appendices Q-to-T (2.9 mb)