Trade Aid is verified by the WFTO Fair Trade Guarantee System

In March 2015, Trade Aid achieved accreditation by the first international fair trade system that verifies organisations’ compliance with all principles of fair trade. This is the first system that is able to deliver the promise of fair trade compliance throughout the entire supply chain.

Labelling of fair trade products traditionally puts the impetus on the producer groups, at country of origin, to ensure they adhere to fair trade principles. The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) believes that fair trade scrutiny should not only focus on the production, but also on the buying behavior of organisations and through to the end customer. Therefore, proving fair trade compliance needs to cover the entire supply chain, and not be the sole responsibility of producers.

The Guarantee System was developed by a group of experts who specilise in fair trade monitoring and verification. The Guarantee System is an assurance mechanism and is only available to organisations who are fully committed to implementing the internationally recognised fair trade principles throughout their supply chain and practices.

There are three parts to the Guarantee System:

  1. Peer Visit: A review of the organisations practices carried out by another organisation that is fully committed to fair trade; and Monitoring Audit-carried out by an independent qualified auditor
  2. Self Assessment Report: A self review carried out by the organisation on their practices
  3. Fair Trade Accountability Watch: This added layer of monitoring allows members of the public to report any compliance issues that they have concerns about

Once an organisation has passed the third party audit it is able to present itself as Guaranteed Fair Trade and use the WFTO label on their products.

Trade Aid’s CEO, Geoff White, has been following the development of the Guarantee System for a number of years and is thrilled with the outcome. "We had resigned from using a fair trade product certification system as those available did not hold buying organisations to account for their practices. This seemed strange to us as it was the poor behaviour of buyers that led to the formation of fair trade in the first place. Once it became apparent that the WFTO Guarantee System would monitor an organisations entire supply chain against the internationally recognised ten fair trade principles we realised that this was a credible system and one we should adopt.”

Trade Aid is excited to begin a gradual implementation of the WFTO label, beginning with a number of its food lines.

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