We’re Saying No to Black Friday


You won’t find a Black Friday sale here; we don’t believe in them. We’re saying no to big sales because mass-consumerism makes an unfair world.

Black Friday is a one-day sale, held on the last Friday of November every year. Having originated out of the US, Black Friday has spread to become a major retail event around the world. The day promotes big savings and kicks off the festive trading season. Black Friday has become New Zealand’s biggest sale event.

The day has grown over time to become a frenzied event where customers will do anything to get their hands on goods. This has led to violence, death and injuries overseas. This is not the buying culture we’d like to see here. Buying cheap allows big retail to squeeze the little guys and our local industries, who can’t compete with such big loss-leading sales.





We believe in the power of every single person to change the future. Every positive choice makes the world a little better. Because small steps lead to big change.


Let’s be intentional and put our valuable dollars to better use, to change Aotearoa for good.


Since 1973, Trade Aid has proven a successful business model where equity, accountability and creating fairness in trade, is at the heart of what we do. It’s possible to know how your products are made, eliminate any found risks and pay trading partners, artisans, and producers properly for their goods, all while being fair to your staff and remaining affordable to your customers. This style of business should be standard practice and kiwi customers deserve that.


Help us to level the playing field with intentional shopping and join us in championing a world where trade is fair and sustainable for all including for, our trading partners, artisans, and producers. 


Buy good. Live green. Be kind. Speak up. Make change.





…and Here’s Why


  1. We believe mass-consumerism hurts people and our planet.
  2. We believe customers deserve products that are ethical.
  3. Buying cheap allows big retail to squeeze the little guys.
  4. Buying cheap can cost the earth.
  5. Our trading partners, artisans, and producers deserve to be paid properly for their goods.
  6. Paying fairly lets our local businesses thrive.
  7. Purposeful shopping is kind shopping.
  8. Supporting equity is the right thing to do.
  9. Sustainability helps individuals and communities to thrive.
  10.  It’s time to simplify and build back better.





We’re Saying Yes!


  1. We’re Saying Yes to building back better 
  2. We’re Saying Yes to fair wages
  3. We’re Saying Yes to local businesses thriving
  4. We’re Saying Yes to supporting producers, artisans, and trading partners
  5. We’re Saying Yes to fair prices all year round
  6. We’re Saying Yes to equity
  7. We’re Saying Yes to ethical products
  8. We’re Saying Yes to purposeful shopping
  9. We’re Saying Yes to small steps making a difference
  10. We’re Saying Yes to making a happy Aotearoa
  11. We’re Saying Yes to community
  12. We’re Saying Yes to a world where trade is fair and sustainable for all

What can you do?

  1. Make intentionality your goal.
  2. Avoid big sales like Black Friday.
  3. Research before buying so you can be mindful of your purchases.
  4. Buy less. Do you really need it? Make a list and stick to it.
  5. Think about your motivations for purchasing and understand your weaknesses.
  6. Avoid the trends, buy things you love (not just because they are discounted).
  7. Minimise packaging. Buy in bulk where possible.
  8. Avoid single-use products that will create waste. Consider products that can be reused, passed on, or are already second hand.
  9. Read the label and support brands that are organic, ethical, fair trade, animal and forest friendly, and that consider their eco-footprint.
  10. Ask the tough questions – either in-store for smaller brands or to the company website or social media pages for larger brands. What do they know about where their products come from? Do they know what conditions they were produced in? Do they have modern slavery in their supply chains?
  11. Find out who the good guys are, be loyal and spread the word.
  12. It’s a journey. Grow your knowledge and use it to make better decisions over time.



Choose good, green and fair. Help us to level the playing field with intentional shopping and join us in championing a world where trade is fair and sustainable for all.