Live green

Live green: Take care of our planet

Trade Aid’s values – Buy Good, Live Green, Speak Up, Make Change and Be Kind – remind us that we all have the power to change society for the better every day. We believe in the power of every single person to contribute to that change.


Trade Aid is a sustainably focused organisation, and in our quest to build a better world, we know that small, everyday actions can make a big difference, especially when you Live Green – and take care of our Planet.


“It is our collective and individual responsibility … to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live.” — Dalai Lama

Starting at home

Embracing a clean, green lifestyle can be rewarding and fun, and it is easy for you to start at home.

  • Choose to use reusable products made from natural fibres in and around your home. Browse our range of beautiful plastic-free products that are sustainably produced and perfectly suited to living green.


  • Make your own cleaning products using pantry basics like baking soda and white vinegar, and essential oils.


Compostable packaging

Trade Aid has been using Econic compostable wrappers for our chocolate wrapper since 2014. We chose Econic compostable packaging for our chocolate block and bars because it’s designed to retain the functionality and food safety provided by traditional plastic films, but without the impact on the environment.

Trade Aid chocolate wrappers are compostable when disposed of in an active composting environment. The ideal environment will contain heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms. If you are missing one of these elements, for example your home compost is too dry, the composting process will not be as effective.

Compost trials completed by Econic have shown that their bags can break down into small fragments in as little as 16 weeks, but the rate of breakdown will vary depending on the compost environment.

Learn more about this here.

Food packaging plan

Our environmental impact and packaging is an area of continuous work and improvement for us.

New Zealand consumers in recent years have become, understandably, very aware of the waste created at the end of a product’s life cycle because this is most visible to them. However as a business concerned about making the best possible environmental decisions, Trade Aid’s responsibility is to take into account the product’s entire lifecycle and not just the waste stream that results at the end of a product’s life.

You can read more about this and learn about our packaging plan and bigger environmental goals here.

Toitū Envirocare

Respecting and caring for the environment is high on everyone’s agenda. But for us at Trade Aid National office in Christchurch, it’s a critical part of our business.

An environmental Management System (or EMS) is a way of making sure an organisation does what it should do, and what it plans to do not just once, but time and time again. It’s the foundation from which all environmental and sustainability initiatives are instigated, implemented and maintained. Recently, Trade Aid Importers has become a member of EnviroMark Solutions, now known as Toitū Envirocare, to help us on our journey of developing a robust Environmental Management System.

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Make the switch

Sustainable alternatives to common plastic items. Check out some of our products below that can help you live green.