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Buy Good: Create an equitable world

In our quest to build a better world our small choices can make a big impact. Buying good products and making mindful purchases help to create an equitable world.

The great thing is that when you buy products from Trade Aid you are doing just that. Every choice you make to buy a product makes a difference for its talented maker.

The best part is that not only do your choices make the world a better place for artisans and growers, they make it better for consumers too. It changes the way we trade, the way we consume, and the way we interact with supply chains.

To help out this festive season we’ve put together a few better buying tips which are good to live by. Read these below.

Better buying tips

To help out this festive season we’ve put together a few better buying tips which are good to live by:

Live Green - Take care of our planet

Cut down on waste and up the personality and wow factor of your gift by making your own wrapping paper.

If you’re up for an easy craft project buy a roll of newsprint or butchers paper and personalise your design. You can cut a potato in half, blot the moisture and carve your own shape to use as a stamp pad.

But if you want to invest in some reusable resources for future wrapping projects buy a traditional Indian printing block from Trade Aid and a few coloured ink pads and create some stunning designs.

Save ribbons you come across throughout the year and use these to seal the paper instead of tape.

Live Green - Take care of our planet #2
Does your place need a good pre-Christmas clean? Then now is the time to make your own multi-purpose cleaning products. Its seriously easy, saves on buying plastic bottles, saves you dollars and avoids nasty chemicals in your home.
It’s amazing what you can make with white vinegar, citrus peel, baking soda and a few essential oils! YouTube has some fabulous recipes.
Check out our range of essential oils.

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Buy Good - Create an equitable world

Create a basket of goodness.

Add small, thoughtful, organic, fair trade or local items. Make it economical yet meaningful by filling it with hand made baking, children’s drawings, painted rocks, fruit and preserves. Or fill it with organic and fair trade deliciousness and goodness for the recipient to savour throughout the year.

Stuck for time? Check out our range of beautiful hampers.

Buy Good - Create an equitable world #2

Secret Santa can be a great idea for reducing the quantity of gift giving and increasing the quality – so if it’s your thing, get a Secret Santa going with your family or friends and give a single quality and thoughtful gift.

Go for a Love Your Maker theme and give a fair trade artisanal craft, which carries the special vibe of a product made by a skilled artisan and celebrates people engaging in work they love.

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Be kind - Connect with your community

Show some love by baking a treat for someone – show love to your recipient, growers and the planet by using fair trade ingredients and packaging it in a glass jar (plenty of these at your local op shop), use a small wax wrap to seal it (or simply a small piece of fabric tied with a ribbon).

Why not be a Christmas Elf and on the weekend before Christmas visit your neighbours and gift them your baking treats, it could be the spark your neighbours and you need to connect.

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