Be kind

Be kind: Connect with your community

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

Trade Aid’s values – Buy Good, Live Green, Speak Up, Make Change and Be Kind – remind us that we all have the power to change society for the better everyday. We believe in the power of every single person to contribute to that change.

As we navigate our way through these turbulent times there has never been a better moment to choose to Be Kind. When we choose to be kind to our community, our whānau and ourselves through our everyday actions, we all play a part in building a better world.

Kindness is sewn into the fabric of Trade Aid. We believe that kindness can transcend borders, beliefs and barriers. Trade Aid has built personal, long-term relationships with artisans and farmers in 28 countries. In those 28 countries, we work alongside over 65 different trading partners and they in turn work with over 500,000 talented producers. The average length of partnership across all our trading partners is 19 years. Now that’s a whole lot of kindness!

Although as a global community we are currently faced with uncertainty, we believe that kindness can overcome these challenges. Kindness strengthens communities and connections even when social distancing is at play. And for us New Zealanders, it is good to hear our Prime Minister encouraging us all, above everything, to Be Kind during this tough time.  So let’s choose to Be Kind today!

Download shareable BE KIND messages here

Connection can be tricky during lockdown so we’ve put together a series of downloadable messages to make it easier for you to stay connected. Send surprise messages of kindness and appreciation to brighten someone’s day.

Step #1: Click the links below for downloadable tiles

Step #2: Share your message of kindness

  • Post the message on someone’s Facebook page
  • Post the message on your own page and tag someone in
  • Email the message to someone special
  • Send the message via Facebook or Instagram messenger
  • Use the following hashtags when you share #BeKind

Remember to tag us in as we’d love to see your messages of  kindness.