We’re passionate about our work and the work of our trading partners

Hand made Change

A booklet all about Trade Aid, what we do and what makes us unique.

  • Download our Hand Made Change booklet here
Education Series

Each publication focuses on a unique issue and presents up-to-date research from around the world with links to Trade Aid partners’ work. Download our Education Series:

  • Learning Issues: Looks at access to education, a concern for all developing communities around the world.
  • How fair is fair?: Discusses the concept of fair trade internationally, certification issues and Trade Aid’s approach to fair trade.
  • Slavery Today: Examines the reality of modern day slavery and  how fair trade organisations such as Trade Aid suport growing demands for a slave free- world.
  • Women at Work: Explores the lives of women working in developing countries and the empowerment they have gained through fair trade employment
  • Partners in Trade: Investigates how Trade Aid works together with our trading partners in a way which is not charity, nor a top down model of development but is instead a system of partnership where Trade Aid responds to the needs and initiatives already identified by its trading partners.
  • Business Matters: Challenges the concepts of current day business practice and discusses other positive alternate ways of doing business.
  • Greening Trade: Examines the challenges of protecting the environment through the use of sustainable materials and production methods while still meeting the demands of business profitability.
  • Trade Rules: Confronts the systems and regulations which govern international trade and the injustice this creates for many of the world’s most disadvantaged craft and food producers.
Our latest Annual Report

Each year we produce a public annual report to monitor our progress against our Charter. This is just one of the ways that we bring transparency into our work to make sure that we are living up to our objectives and fair trade principles.

At the heart of this report are all those who join Trade Aid in its vision for a world where trade is fair for all – our trading partners, producers, volunteers, staff, customers and supporters.

Intertwined: A woven history of time, people and place

Within the weft and the warp of a single woven piece of fabric lies the story of an entire people. Finely crafted traditional textiles tell the histories of communities, religion, war, migration, colonisation, trade and the personal stories of the artisans who create them – their lives, their hopes, their beliefs.

Trade Aid published research

As part of a Master of Indigenous Studies from the University of Otago, Trade Aid staff member, Michelia Ward, conducted research throughout 2011 and 2012 on whether fair trade is able to contribute to the aspirations of indigenous producers. The research focused on fair trade as practised by Trade Aid, New Zealand, and one of its Peruvian partners, MINKA.

  • Download this research here, or purchase a copy online here.