Artisan Treasure sale inspirations

Just once a year Trade Aid has a sale and this year our Artisan Treasures sale runs from March 16 – March 31 2019. With selected items at discounted prices you can bag a bargain without worrying that you’re participating in unsustainable ‘fast fashion’.

As with all Trade Aid products, the treasures featured in our sale can all be directly traced back to the individual artisans who created them. Fair trade is at the heart of all that Trade Aid does, and each and every product comes with the guarantee that the artisan behind it has been paid a fair price for their artistry.

Trade Aid works with talented artisans and farmers in 27 countries. In those 27 countries we work with over 60 different trading partners and they in turn work with over 500,000 talented producers.

So head into your local Trade Aid shop and browse the dozens of lovingly handcrafted homewares, toys and personal accessories from Africa, Asia, and Latin America in our Artisan Treasures sale.