Mindful Mornings


Our new Winter collection, Mindful Mornings, is the perfect way to start your day with intention. Embrace the crisp Winter air and nurture your inner being.


Reflect on your dreams and aspirations with our beautiful journals, allowing your thoughts to flow onto the pages. Savour a cup of organic, ethically sourced tea, and snuggle up in our beautiful, handmade scarves.


Take a moment for yourself to bask in the warmth of the sun on your bed, and begin your day with affirmations and gratitude. Let the comfort of your furry friend and the tranquillity of your surroundings soothe your senses.


Mindfully choose your outfit for the day, selecting pieces that make you feel empowered, and enjoy the melodies of the cymbal bells while meditating with the calming scent of your favourite incense.


Choose fair trade this Winter and feel good knowing that you’re making a positive impact. By shopping our Mindful Mornings collection, you not only embrace self-love but also contribute to the well-being of families around the world.



We would like to extend a special shout out to our amazing team and collaborators:

Model Zoe Driessen (@facemisguided), thank you for bringing our collection to life with your incredible talent;

ReCreate clothing, for providing the beautiful, fair trade clothing that makes our products shine;

Oderings, for supplying the vibrant plants that add the perfect touch of nature;

Blooming Local, for the stunning dried flowers that bring light and colour;

and lastly, Poppy and her owner Lucy, for bringing joy to our Mindful Mornings collection.