Love a Rainy Day

For our Love a Rainy Day collection we embrace the Dutch lifestyle concept of doing nothing – Niksen – and the desire to be present.

Niksen is a Dutch verb which means “doing nothing”, which can be roughly translated as “nixing”, and it’s the inspiration for our latest winter collection. We love a rainy day, it is the perfect chance to hunker down and create cosy, ambience indoors against the chilly outdoors.

This collection brings together traditional wooden games and puzzles, quality soft toys crafted by hand for hours of snuggles and play, and cosy bedding textiles for lazy afternoons. In the kitchen organic tea is brewing, and the smell of warm baking lingers throughout the day. Into the evening softly scented candles create a warm ambience against the windows of the chilly outdoors. Instruments keep the beat up until there is no steam left, so a snuggly nap in cosy textiles is just too tempting.

The products featured in this collection come from all around the world, with a special focus on those that are handmade by the talented artisans working with non-profit marketing organisation Sasha, in India.

Artisans from across India collaborate in networks to share and benefit from design support and market access from Sasha. The mainly women artisans use their skills to create successful fair trade enterprises that support their own aspirations for the future, and benefit their families and communities.

We hope this collection will inspired you to Love a Rainy Day, and share special moments with the ones you love.