Business owners

Are you a business owner?

Or do you know someone who would be interested in improving their understanding of their supply chain?  Here’s a few resources to start you off:

Ethical and Sustainable Procurement guide for businesses:

“Consumers and business leaders have entered into a “don’t ask, don’t tell” pact on Britain’s supply chains. With the UK cracking down on unethical supply chain conduct, organisations that can demonstrate transparency and give assurance that there are no instances of human rights abuses in their supply chains will pull ahead.” –  David Noble, group chief executive officer of the Chartered Institute of CIPS

Traidcraft and Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply with input from Walk Free have created a publication that introduces procurement professionals to the key concepts behind ethical procurement and provides practical advice for getting started. It not only addresses procurement specifications, but recognises the importance of how a buyer conducts their relationship with suppliers, including contract negotiation.

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