Fair trade superheroes

World Fair Trade Day is on 12 May 2018 and we are participating in a social media action to promote fair consumption through the message ‘Live Fair, one product at a time.’ We are inviting New Zealand’s fair trade online community to help spread the #LiveFair message. We want you to take pride in your fair trade purchases and help spread the word by showing New Zealand how easy it is to #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime.  Find out more>

"The level of skill and detail that goes into making the gorgeous products, like this beautiful cushion really amazes me. So it's great to know that the talented people that make them are receiving a fair price for their work. I love seeing the beautiful products that Trade Aid stocks and learning about the people who made them and knowing that every purchase makes a difference!" - Anna #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

"I'm proud to buy fair trade, knowing that what I spend on those items is going directly to the workers who make those products and supporting development in their communities." - Steve #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“This guinea pig is from our co-op in Peru and it is knitted using Alpaca fibre. I support Trade Aid because I think it’s a great way to support amazing craftsmen and women in their trades and to find new markets and opportunities for their goods.” – Ruby #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“Trade Aid reminds me that fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of others.” – Rachel #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“It is wonderful to know that by buying fair trade products, you can have a direct influence on the lives of the people that make them.” – Alan #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“I buy fair trade coffee as coffee is a luxury item and fair trade means the workers/ producers get a good deal.” – Helena #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“I really love the idea of a store that only sells products from ethical sources, and provides the producers with the equality and fairness that they deserve. I think that all shops should be more like Trade Aid. Its amazing the talent and creativity that goes into the creation of these pillows from India, and its even more amazing that they are treated with respect.” - Lindsey #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

"I watch enough depressing documentaries about the state of the world and maybe this is like a detox for all that. I feel like, 'yeah, I'm doing my little bit. It's like church for me as an atheist." - Bryce on volunteering with us every week for 10 years! #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime #FairTradeDay

“I love milky, creamy chocolate and knowing all the love that went into making it. I think it’s cool that Trade Aid helps kids my age and that their parents get a fair deal.” - Pearl, nearly 12

“I choose to live fair because I believe every human being deserves to be respected and valued. Trade Aid producers are exceptionally talented. I feel honoured to be part of a company that helps them thrive as artisans. The leather bags from India show off amazing skill as well as provide a much needed alternative to a “fast fashion” industry." - Sophie Newmarch

"I really admire NAWOU's products, particularly these amazing baskets. The thing I love about this partner is their main focus to improve the status of women's lives in Uganda. A woman's independence is important, so supporting this partner makes me truly feel like I'm making a difference." – Tennille

Rosa loves these hand-painted ceramics from Craft Link in Vietnam. “I can see every brushstroke made by the very talented artisan who created this jug and beaker. I love how fair trade celebrates traditional crafts and keeps them alive through modern interpretations”.

“I’m from Tamil Nadu. Trade Aid partners with artisans from SIPA (Federation of South India Producers Association) and Palam Rural Centre, Tamil Nadu. By volunteering with Trade Aid, I’m helping my community grow. I believe that opportunities must be made available to everyone irrespective of their caste. Economic empowerment brings more dignity. Trade aid is bringing these artisans better opportunities. நன்றி Trade aid (Thank You Trade Aid)” – Vinutha Haridhasan

“This game involves a little strategy, some luck – but most importantly, a lot of fun at game nights with friends. I know that with my purchase is also supporting artisans in Thailand who are receiving a fair wage.” – Ivan

“I like Trade Aid because of what this movement represents: equality. I especially like purchasing these crocheted toy products because of the women living in third world countries, who make them. By buying these products I help them to earn more money.” – Nina H

“I believe that everyone should be able to earn a living wage, and I know that supporting Trade Aid will support that goal.” – Ethan J

"I use my gorgeous handbag every day, and I love knowing that the artisans who made it are empowered in their craft and earning a fair wage for their hard work." - Joanna

"I love this drum! It has a beautiful sound. I play the drums and the quality is great. I also love the meaning of the producers name, Undugu, which means brotherhood or solidarity." - Sarah

"I like this product because it says love and love is really important in our world" - Nada

Angenieta loves all Trade Aid baskets and this collection and these are her favourites

"I chose these earrings beacuse the group who makes these provide support for over 1000 artisans in India through fair trade production and marketing support; and through the provision of schools over 1000 children and former labourers are now recieving an education" - Charloette

"I chose this product beacuse it showcases the exquisite traditional handcraft skills of the people Trade Aid works with. Every piece has a story to tell through the hands of the person who made it. I love that Trade Aid celebrates hand made instead of mass produced and factory made" - Dean

"I love Neem soap and use it everyday in the shower, it also has many other great uses too. Buying Fairtrade changes the world for good." - Helen

“This rug is bright and colourful and it makes me happy. At Trade Aid I learned about artisans from Zanana, who felt their confidence rise after getting a job. I feel a lot of empathy with them and I feel a deep connection through my love of embroidery.” – Yoko

Marinda was visiting the fabulous new Trade Aid store at The Colombo and was excited to see her favourite basket in stock. ‘I’d just bought this as a gift for a friend where it looks stunning in her rural cottage, full of recipe books. The quality is excellent and knowing this purchase helps change lives across the world, makes it even more special”.

Clare and Josh were in our new Christchurch shop at The Colombo buying Trade Aid hot chocolate for the first time. “We’re looking forward to indulging in this delicious fair trade hot chocolate, especially with winter having arrived far too early in Christchurch!“.

Lauren’s son is about to turn three and she’s delighted to see some colourful wooden fair trade animals in the brand new Trade Aid store in The Colombo in Christchurch. ‘I love buying fair trade products, because I’m assured that the people who made the products are paid well and treated fairly”.

Lucia is buying gifts for friends – a hand printed journal and card, and a colourful necklace which is heading back across the globe to Spain! ”Buying fair trade products is something I love – choosing from the different styles of craft from around the world and knowing the impact my purchases make for the talented people who made my gifts”.

“I live fair because it provides producers with fair pay for the quality goods they produce. These sheesham wooden boxes from India are from sustainable forests and utilize the skills and talents of the artisans who make them”. - Georgia Collins

Geoff declares he’s totally unmusical so he’s hoping this drum from Trade Aid’s Indonesian partner Pekerti Nusantara, will inspire his 2 children into great musical pursuits. “I buy fair trade products as often as I can – it makes sense to me, buying skilfully crafted products, the profits of which I know bring change to marginalised communities”.

Bonne is very excited about this wool and jute rug from Trade Aid’s partner Aspiration in India. “The natural fibres and colours are amazing and this will look so good in my lounge. Being a fair trade product just increases everything I love about it”.

Katie is one of the many self-confessed chocoholics at Trade Aid! “When we launched our new chocolate crisps, I had even more delicious treats to add to my wish list! The flavour combinations are so delicious and knowing the products are fair trade, I don’t feel so guilty about eating so much chocolate!

Volunteer Stefanie with one of our kantha quilted cushions. Stef says “Trade Aid’s Indian patchwork and embroidery products hold their own character and story stitched into every piece. The recycling of Saris incorporates personality into each item. No product is the same!”

Jacinta-Lea Fa'Asolo (left ) and Cate Graumans (right) - just a couple of kiwi girls with their favourite fair trade product - Trade Aid chocolate!

Michelia Miles, Trade Aid's Development and Education manager with her favourite fair trade product #LiveFair #OneProductAtATime

Volunteer Sophia Newsome with her favourite turtle planter. Sophia says: “I like the frog because it’s always smiling. The flowers make him look very pretty. This would look great in any garden. Very well made, beautiful colour.”