Crafted with Love

Hand cut and hand finished with love, our handcrafted leather bag collection is stylishly designed for the conscious consumer. The collection features beautiful repurposed leather and raw elements; all soft to touch with gorgeous earthy tones of dusky greens, muted blues, sepia browns and sunset yellows.


At a time when the cost of living is a real concern for many, it feels challenging to prioritise fair trade style. But at Trade Aid, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to purchase beautiful, repurposed, and ethically-made products. That’s why we’re proud to offer our leather bag collection, handcrafted with love, at a 30% discount.


We’re discounting with you in mind, but our producers never lose out. We purchase all of our products from our partners up front, at the usual agreed fair prices. The cost of a discount never comes at the expense of our makers.


By choosing Trade Aid, you’re not only purchasing a beautiful and functional bag, but you’re also supporting skilled craftspeople in their pursuit of economic empowerment. Our leather partners, Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) and Sasha, are skilled fair trade co-operatives working to empower predominantly rural women in fulfilling their personal future aspirations. Utilising traditional skills passed down from previous generations, these talented artisans are able to secure sustainable incomes, and are creating a bright future for themselves and their communities.


With each bag, careful consideration was given to detailing, practicality and the use of high quality, sustainably sourced leather. Our sustainable leather comes from well-known tanneries that adhere to strict laws around the treatment of animals and specialise in high quality, eco-friendly leathers. Attention is also given to the environment and the surrounding working area of the tannery, with effluents being filtered through a treatment plant.


Wear our quality Trade Aid leather bags with pride and joy. Buy good knowing our bags are hand finished with care, traded fairly, and crafted with love.