Trade Aid Chocolate

Fair trade in New Zealand since 1973

In 1973, when Trade Aid first began in Christchurch, we aspired to make the world a better place through fair trade.

The issues that motivated us then are just as important today.

In 2014 we seized the opportunity to manufacture our own fair trade chocolate, which we could do using the finest organic cocoa and sugar from partnerships formed in the Dominican Republic, Peru and Paraguay.

We opened our Sweet Justice Chocolate Factory in central Christchurch, and became the world’s first fair trade organisation to manufacture 100% fair trade guaranteed organic chocolate.

Today we continue to put our hearts into making pure and delicious chocolate for all New Zealanders, for both retail and wholesale markets.

Cocoa farmer working with CONACADO in the Dominican Republic. Photo: Christof Krackhardt

Partnership with people and planet

The exceptional quality and distinct flavour of Trade Aid chocolate begins with a partnership between people and planet.

From the rich, pesticide-free earth in which the Cacao trees are grown, to the farmers who receive a fair wage, and who hand-harvest their crops with controlled fermentation and natural sun drying, the partnership between people and planet ensures quality ingredients, and fair returns.

Cocoa pod from CONACADO. Photo: Christof Krackhardt

Making chocolate the Trade Aid way

We’ve built personal, long-term trading partnerships with the people who grow our ingredients: organic cocoa from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru, and organic sugar from Paraguay. It’s the principled approach of fair trade that provides certainty to the farmers, enabling them to enhance their businesses, their communities and their lives.

We’re not a bean-to-bar manufacturer. We believe that our trading partners should retain as much value as possible in the supply chain. Cocoa farmers across the globe are striving to gain a greater share of the value of their product, by transforming their raw harvest into something of higher-value. This gives a greater return than if they were selling unprocessed cocoa beans or sugar cane. So, wherever possible, we buy our cocoa and sugar from groups who are able to manufacture semi-processed products, such as cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and granulated sugar, and these are the unique ingredients that come together in our factory to make Trade Aid chocolate.

And not surprisingly, the sugar in our chocolate is just as inspiring as the cocoa. Organically grown on small farms in southern Paraguay, it is golden in colour and only lightly refined, retaining a hint of molasses and adding a subtle caramel flavour in the finished product. 20 years ago a small group of sugar farmers who had always been vulnerable to the impact of low and erratic sugar prices, took control of their businesses and formed the Manduvira cooperative. Today Manduvira comprises over 2,000 farmers and owns their own processing facility, from which they can export fine organic sugar directly to markets all over the world.

Doing good tastes great!

You can experience an enticing scale of cocoa richness in our dark chocolate range, starting with Classic Dark at 55% cocoa, Pure Dark at 70% and the darkest, Extra Dark with 85% cocoa content.

Flavoured varieties include Dark Raspberry bursting with tangy raspberry, Mint Crisp with crispy peppermint pieces and Salt Toffee Crisp with just a hint of Marlborough sea salt. Milk chocolate lovers can indulge in 40% cocoa-rich varieties made with organic New Zealand milk powder. Our newest release is Milk Hazelnut, 40% cocoa solids packed with crunchy New Zealand-grown, roasted hazelnuts. Our cocoa-dusted, chocolate-coated nut range is perfectly packaged for gifting to friends and family, with milk chocolate organic cashews from India, and dark chocolate extra-large almonds from Palestine.

Trade Aid chocolate is certified organic, gluten free, our Dark Chocolate vegan certified and is proudly made in New Zealand.

Home compostable packaging

Trade Aid chocolate bars look beautiful, taste delicious, and do no harm to the planet. That’s because our bars, blocks and chocolate-coated nut range are all wrapped in home compostable packaging, manufactured in New Zealand, which breaks down in your home compost or worm farm. So when you enjoy Trade Aid chocolate, nothing goes to waste.

Click here to learn more about our compostable packaging.

Guaranteed fair trade

Trade Aid is accredited by the World Fair Trade Organization’s (WFTO) Guarantee System, the first international fair trade system that verifies organisations’ compliance with all principles of fair trade.

Through our long-term trading relationships and personal visits, Trade Aid has established enduring partnerships with the farmer groups who produce our ingredients. This helps ensure the quality of our chocolate while providing certainty for the farmers. Direct, fair trade partnerships enable cocoa and sugar farmers to enhance their businesses, their communities and their lives.

Click here to learn more about fair trade and the WFTO Guarantee System.



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