Meet Roshan

Roshan, pictured above.

Roshan speaking with producers at the end of the day’s production.

Roshan - Production Officer at Saidpur Enterprises


Roshan has been with Saidpur Enterprises for 10 years and is in charge of quality and sample development, product costing sheets, and managing the daily distribution of production across the producers. Roshan is also part of the Producer Management Committee, a committee of producers that helps decide business and policy decisions for Saidpur Enterprises.


“Before I came here there was no work so my family was really suffering, now my family is happy.


I studied a Masters of History in Saidpur and from there I joined Saidpur Enterprises. I am 27 years old and I earn 14,600 Tk (NZ$220)/month. From this I keep 2,000 Tk for myself and give the rest to my family.


There are nine people in my family, I have three sisters and three brothers, my mother and father. One of my sisters has a baby and lives with her husband. My eldest brother is a cutting master in a Garments Factory in Dhaka, another brother is a tailor, one younger sister is a school teacher and the rest of my siblings are younger and they study.


My mother is a homemaker, and my father was previously a labourer but he is sick and cannot work.


Saidpur Enterprises is really good at supporting all artisans. This work is good, it is hopeful, we all work together. Everything is good, I’m very happy.”