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New website...
New website...

Our new website!

15 Mar 2010
Trade Aid has just launched its new website. Built with the help of online digital agency, Blackpepper, this vibrant new web space is a one-stop-shop for everything there is to know about Trade Aid – from our producers and the impact of our work, to practical ways Kiwis can help in the fight for justice in world trade.

Boasting a fresh new look and easy navigation tools, the website is also packed to the brim with enlightening stories and facts that give insight into the lives of Trade Aid’s producers the world over, and the need to help them work themselves out of poverty.

One of the most exciting additions is Trade Aid’s first ever online shop, giving Kiwis the opportunity to help make the world a fairer place from the comfort of their own home. The shop has an endless selection of unique, handcrafted goods to suit all tastes in homeware, fashion accessories, toys, foods, and much, much more.

Other new features include: a scintillating new blog, regularly updated by Trade Aid’s very own food buyer, Justin Purser, who travels the world in search of all manner of edible treasures and brings them back to New Zealand for us all to enjoy; the opportunity for lively debate and for Kiwis to voice their opinions on world trade issues, with the addition of new social networking tools; a wealth of accurate, up-to-date educational information for teachers and students wanting to help educate on the importance of fair trade; and finally, an all new media-friendly press room, aimed at assisting members of the media spread the word that fair trade is best.

...Take a look at the website and tell us what you think, or if you spot any technical errors (eek!) please visit the contact us page located at the top of the page and let us know.

Special thanks to the team at Blackpepper for making this happen (and for helping us with our unique and annoying needs that they wouldn't get from many other clients!) you have done an awesome job! And also a huge thanks to all the staff and volunteers - Terry, Wesley, Janis, Peter and Carolyn - who have proofed or written the content for the product pages - 2,500 products - you are all amazing!! This website wouldn't be what it is now without all of your help.

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