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"When we sell through our co-operative union there are many advantages. One of these is that our children get access to the school in the village. We see this as the most important advantage of selling to the union.” Kebele, an elder at the Negele Gorbitu Co-operative, part of the Oromia coffee farmers co-operative in Ethiopia pictured here sharing a coffee with Trade Aid educator Michelia Ward during a visit to Ethiopia.



  • Competitive pricing - our direct relationships with our trading partners allows us to provide very competitive pricing on staff room supplies, and the current range is extensive and growing...
  • Help the environment  -  All Trade Aid's staff room supplies are organic – so it is better for you and your staff, and also better for the environment. By buying organic you are reducing your own work place's impact and are also helping to create Environmental Justice for the world's poor whose security, livelihoods and homes are most affected by climate change.
  • Your money goes further - as the only not-for-profit fair trade organisation in New Zealand, our trading partners and producers benefit even more from your purchases as we give any profits we make back to them - we think that’s only fair!
  • The best standards - We put the producers at the front of everything we do and are 100% committed to improving their lives. We believe fair trade is the best way to support these producers based on over 35 years experience and dialogue with our trading partners.
  • Dignity and respect - Fair trade works on a principle of dignity and respect - the same principles we encourage in our workplaces and communities. By buying from Trade Aid you will be helping to transform disadvantaged producers’ lives around the world through income generation that helps in restoring their dignity and self-reliance.

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Our workplace product range

To request an up to date wholesale pricing list please contact customer service at or phone 0508 TRADE AID (872 332)


Trade Aid Better Day Blend Coffee:

  • available in 1kg beans or medium ground
  • freshly roasted in New Zealand
  • a smooth yet lively blend designed for plungers and filter use, or to be ground to fit your needs
  • organic certified at source - organic production and cultivation carried out by our producer groups therefore limiting the impact on the environment
  • we also have medium ground 200g single blend options available suitable for plungers or filter coffee machines

Instant Coffee Powder:

  • Tanzanian instant coffee available in 100g (organic) or 500g bulk (non-organic).


Tea range

  • tea options include black tea (50 or in bulk 500 bags), green tea (50 bags) and rooibos (20 bags)
  • our loose leaf black tea (125g) is one of the most sought-after tea grades (Ceylon BOP - Broken Orange Pekoe)
  • all certified organic


Bulk sugar hot chocolate range

Sweet Justice Drinking Chocolate, Cocoa and Sugar

  • Drinking Chocolate: available in 300g, 2kg and 5kg options, organic certified
  • Cocoa: available in 200g and 2kg options, organic certified.
  • Sugar: available in 1.5kg and 5kg options, organic certified turbinado sugar - this sugar has a hint of flavour and a golden colour as it contains a small amount of its original molasses content.



Also available is soap for staff toilets and various options for conference bags. Please contact our customer service desk: FREEPHONE 0508 872 332 or: for more info on these product ranges.