Speaking out for greater justice in world trade is an important part of what Trade Aid does.

What we mean by speaking out is enshrined in our charter in the following objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of trading injustices and its impact on our trading partners
  2. To campaign for change to unjust trading systems
  3. To promote fair trade as a positive alternative

How can we provide information or an educator for your group or event, based on our responsibilities to our charter?

  • Increasing awareness introduces a problem and encourages thinking about the issue; e.g. you may want us to look at an issue of trade injustice and encourage thinking within your group about what it means to you. The purpose of these activities is not to promote a pre-determined action or belief, but to leave participants questioning and wanting to know more about trade injustice.
  • To campaign is to deliver one message and one solution; e.g. slavery is wrong – sign this petition. Trade Aid educators do this when running nationwide campaigns where the purpose is to leave participants wanting to take part in the specific action being advocated.
  • To promote is to acknowledge the alternatives that exist in trade models, but to present the one answer we advocate for; e.g. you may like us to introduce what Trade Aid is and what we do. This is where we explain why we believe our model of trade is better than the alternative trading models. The purpose of this is to encourage participants to support Trade Aid and to become involved in Trade Aid activities.

Trade Aid educators are asked to look at which is the most appropriate approach for the situation required and to deliver information accordingly. This may involve one of a range of different activities or resources including:

Request resources or an educator for your group or event by clicking on one of the links above, or talk to your local shop manager about how your Trade Aid shop can help you.