Principle 6


At Trade Aid we're all about change. We're helping talented people around the world improve their lives through trade.

Made fair: The way we trade helps producers improve their lives.
Made by people: Skilled artisans make our beautiful products.
Made to feel good: Buying our products changes the world for good.

We are a truly unique New Zealand based fair trade organisation which goes above basic fair trade standards...

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21 JULY 2014
New publication available: The latest issue of the Trade Aid Education series is...  


Our organic White and Brown Jasmine rice now comes shrink wrapped in a 5kg size. Jasmine Rice, better know in Thai as "Hom Mali", is one of the most famous rice varieties in the world....  
Asha Joydhor - breadwinner

Stories of change

Asha Joydhor - breadwinner
Asha is the breadwinner in her family - a unique situation for a woman living in the male dominated society of ...